Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical Ceilings, also known as ‘drop-down ceilings’, ‘suspended ceilings’ or ‘false ceilings’ are a staple in modern architecture and construction. Renegade Drywall offers expert acoustical ceiling installation services with a variety of ceiling tile materials and colors to fit any application.

Acoustical ceilings use a grid layout of metal channels suspended by inverted t-bars and wires. Tile materials used to drop into the metal frame can vary depending on application and may include everything from plastics to mineral fibers or wood.

An expert installation of an acoustical ceiling system will allow proper access to HVAC ducting, lighting fixtures, speakers, sprinkler heads and incandescents that may be located above or in the ceiling tiles and frame. When the right materials and installation techniques are used, acoustical ceilings will also improve acoustics while insulating sounds of adjacent rooms.

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