Tape, Float & Finish Drywall

Taping and floating drywall or “mudding” drywall is one of the most crucial elements to a successful drywall installation. At Renegade drywall, we have perfected the tape and float process resulting in a precision drywall installation at every job.

At Renegade Drywall our taping and floating process begins with checking the drywall installation for accuracy and fitment. Renegade drywall finishers then follow the finishing process to properly ‘bust out’ the joints to ensure the best finish possible. At Renegade Drywall special attention is always given around electrical boxes and any penetrations for a tight fit around the openings.

Upon the final finishing stages, sanding and PVA drywall primer / sealer is typically recommended. This process is usually completed by the drywall contractor and various textures are available with samples provided upon request.

With Renegade Drywall you can be assured that the tape and float process of drywall installation will be performed with care and accuracy resulting in the highest quality finished product. For more information or questions on the taping and floating of drywall contact the professionals at Renegade Drywall.